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We are Banoon

We operate the website at ba-noon.com (the “Site“).

Banoon Alkhair Trading Co. is a company registered in Saudi Arabia with company registration number 1010703578.

VAT 310358647900003

Contact information:

Phone   +966555244586
Email info@ba-noon.com
Address  Fahd Almark street, King Abdullah’s district. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 12423.
Website  www.ba-noon.com

Policy and Procedure


Banoon is pleased to set out their Terms and Conditions, which will apply to the work we do, and the way we provide our services.

A Comprehensive Guide to Placing an Order with Us

Seamless Transactions On-The-Go: The Banoon Way

In an event that a customer purchases something from the Banoon site, they receive a confirmation email from us consisting of details related to every product purchased and the date of arrival or collection of the items. However, the customer would have to clear all payments as the email does not convey the acceptance of the order from the customer’s side.

Following the successful payment for the items ordered by a customer, the items are dispatched. The process of dispatching depends entirely upon the availability of the products. To ensure that everyone involved in the transaction shares a general understanding of the process, all items being dispatched are in alliance with the terms and conditions chosen and approved by the customer.

Banoon retains the right to not deliver an order, and even cancel an order placed by a customer. This unfortunate circumstance tends to arise when the company does not find it feasible to get certification for payment, or the shipping process related to a certain product is very restricting, or even in the event that we run out of the product a customer has ordered. If a product does not manage to live up to our excellent standards of control and efficiency, it may be removed.


Happiness at your Price

Banoon is committed to offering shopping convenience, exceptional service, and an exciting product selection at competitive prices.

At our supreme abilities, we constantly update the price of products, as is, on our website from time to time, except in cases of unforeseen errors. The prices are shown accepted currency rates of SAR and USD. All our prices are exclusive of the SA Value Added Tax (VAT), which is calculated and added later in the invoice that is issued prior to payment.

The prices don’t include any delivery charges or additional charges for gift wrapping, the possible inclusion of promotional offers and personal reductions. Such costs are added and indicated in the final confirmation invoice for the order. All prices and offers remain valid as advertised from time to time.

Our prices are in approximation to the existing currency exchange rate. Prices listed in any other currency other than payment currency will be calculated as per the applicable exchange rate on the day of purchase or transaction. Please bear in mind that we do not have any influence on how much fee your card issuer might charge for such transactions.

We cannot provide any changes in the price of items that were previously purchased in a sale or purchased at a reduced price during any limited promotional offer. Once a product has been bought at discounted sale price, the price will not be changed even if the price of the respected item is further decreased. Codes for limited promotional offers are non-transferable and we do not entertain any cash exchange worth the offer. Moreover, you can only redeem one promotional code at a time which must be used by the date of expiration, if provided.

Acceptable Means of Payment

You can pay at the Banoon Website by your bank card: Visa, MasterCard or Cash on delivery only in Saudi Arabia. At Banoon, we are committed to maintaining transparency. Therefore, when you place an order on our site, you are assuring and confirming to us that all payment details you provide are valid and true.

If you are using a debit/credit card, you need to ensure that you are the owner of it or that whoever the card belongs to has permitted you to use it. Once you have made your pick and confirmed an order, we will process it. Once your order is accepted, you need to commit to making the payment to us in full.

We take all necessary measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of the data that is being exchanged online. Our website is secured by the protected mode of payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which enables encoding of your banking co-ordinates during information exchange online.

Banoon retains the ability to stop the processing and delivery of an order, in case the bank card being used for payment is rejected by the recognized organizations or there is non-payment.

It shall also be noted, that Banoon as a company withholds the right to decline a process or delivery of an order keeping in check client’s previous order tracks. In a situation, where a customer has not paid in total previously or there is a dispute over payment, Banoon will not further any order process or delivery.


You will have access to the original invoice at all times in your online account. The purchase order you make or the email confirmation you receive by Banoon should not and is not considered as an invoice. The invoice is not with the parcel.

If an order is delivered an address different from the billing address, the invoice for orders is only ever available in the Customer’s online account. Banoon maintains an electronic example of each invoice

Transfer of Property

Banoon will always be pleased to transfer happiness and love through our products.

However, until payment is not made in full by any of our customers, we maintain ownership of the products. The aforementioned requirements do not, however, prevent the transfer to the Customer of the risks of loss or deterioration of the Products during delivery as well as of the damage which they could cause 


Our promise is of Efficiency and Accurate delivery

However, the scope of this is only dependent on your ability and commitment to providing us valid information.

Our products are sent to the address as specified by you on the purchase order. It, therefore, becomes your responsibility to enter the data in precision and make sure that the address entered conforms.

Banoon will not account for any delays or delivery errors, in case the initial billing address provided by you is incorrect. In this scenario, all costs incurred for the re-forwarding of an order will henceforth be solely the Customer’s liability.

Banoon cannot be held responsible for delivery delays due to unforeseen shortcomings or disturbances such as extreme weather conditions or transportation strikes.

Dispatching Times

When we say right at your doorstep without delay, our efforts align to bring you the comfort of our products to your kids.

We make sure to be available all days per week except for special holidays such as Eid. However, there might be a slight possibility of extension in dispatch and processing of an order, depending on the article.

We mostly try to dispatch orders with the same day if a product is placed for an order before 11 am. In other cases, as mentioned, the dispatch might take 1 or 2 business days. As you receive the email of dispatch, you can take into calculation the transportation times mentioned below.

It is to inform you that the delivery times are not inclusive of Friday and Eid holidays. In a situation where your order comprises of two products with different nature of availability, Banoon will dispatch them as two separate orders. At the time of dispatch, an email is automatically sent to the customers with subject to the email address indicated in the inscription form not containing an error. 

Transportation Time

Transportation times are highly dependent on the preferred transporter picked by you and the location of delivery.

Banoon makes it very clear, that the estimated delivery times are explicitly mentioned on a predictive basis as provided by the transporter. The cost of transportation is mentioned in the shopping cart and are calculated and based upon the means of transport and the location of delivery.

Delivery Time

The delivery time can be as per the following:

The duration of delivery will be equal to the dispatching time in case the product is available and ready to go. Refer to the sections of “Dispatching times” and “Transport Time” for more details.

In a scenario, where the product is not available readily, then the delivery time will also include dispatching time and transport time and the consideration of time for delivery by Banoon’s suppliers. With your preferences as our priority, if the committed delivery times are not met, you will be informed about the delay and new delivery time. In case, you wish the order to not be delivered anymore, you will be given the choice for cancellation of the order, with a refund or a credit.


When we send in a product, we pack it with love and make sure that it reaches you – just as you wished it to be.

To maintain this, Banoon keeps in place the standards and needs of transportation and hence have the products packaged accordingly to make sure the products are well-protected.

In case, you want to return a product because of reasons of suitability or aftersales service, please ensure that a similar protocol is adopted for the re-packaging of the product. If any damage is identified or that the product isn’t repackaged properly, Banoon reserves the ability to only give a partial refund or decline the refund request entirely.

Responsibility of the Customer to Check Parcels upon Reception

We do rarely make mistakes and therefore Banoon wants you to take responsibility to carefully check the parcels as soon as you receive them.

Make sure that you take your time and check the details in front of the delivery man and notify the problem to Banoon and to the transporter within two working days. You must keep an eye for bumps, damage to the parcel, and delivery date as not conforming to normal times of the parcel delivery.

If we receive no such complaints or problems mentioned on the delivery slip offered to you by the transporter, then, unfortunately, Banoon would not be able to entertain any later complaints about the state of the parcel.

Damaged Parcels

Banoon strictly advises you to examine your parcels with the utmost detail in the attendance of the transporter and immediately mention any discrepancies on the delivery slip.

If information or damages are not mentioned on the slips, the product is considered as accepted by the customer and hence no further dispute can be catered to in relation to your delivery. Rest assured, that we are always here to help you and we strongly urge you to notify Banoon by email so we can do what we can in our best abilities.

Delay in delivery related to the Transporter

In a situation where you face delay in delivery in comparison to the committed time given by the transporters, you should reach out to the transporter or its distribution office right way, to figure out whether the order is about to be dispatched.

In the worst case scenario, we would want you to contact Banoon Customer Services by telephone or email so that we can a case of dispute or an inquiry can be started to locate the parcel. We try that it rarely occurs but it is sometimes possible that parcels are misplaced by transporters.

You need to report the loss of your parcel within the ten days after you receive the notification of dispatch by Banoon. In such time, we make ourselves available and take responsibility to contact the concerned transporter.

The parcel will be sent to your given address if in case it is found. However, if the parcel is unfortunately lost, you can always request for the same order again at Banoon’s expense or the amount will be refunded. The product re-delivery only depends on its availability or else a refund will be given for concerned product misplaced by the transporter.


Getting your loved products from around the world

Banoon ensures to provide you what you have set your eyes on, we give in our utmost efforts. It is, therefore, we always try to fulfill your orders at priority.

However, sometimes with the love and overwhelming orders Banoon receives, some products become no longer available or we are unable to supply a particular product for any other reason. In such a case, we take responsibility to not charge you for the product.

This makes all orders highly subject to acceptance and availability and therefore your chosen items the shopping basket remain not reserved and may be bought by other customers.

We may not allow advance payment for products out of stock, but you may want to use a feature of the Web (if it applies for the product in question) to register your email address with us for notice of the availability of the chosen goods which are not in stock. Once you avail this feature, Banoon ensures to notify you by email within a day of the product being available on our site.

There is a possibility at times that certain products sell out immediately during this period due to high demand and therefore it shall not be assumed that the notification sent to you for re-stock means that the product is being held for you. If in case, such a situation arises, don’t lose hope and be assured that Banoon might always have something better for you.

At Banoon, we foster relationships, it is therefore we maintain a record of your transactions for at least a year subject to any unanticipated event. You can access the record of your purchases from your account.



Delivery Time

*RIYADH: Up to 24 hrs. (Orders can be delayed in case of high demand/ workload and might take 2-3 days. However, you can always mention if there is an urgency and we will try to accommodate), Working days only

*Outside Riyadh:  2-7 Working days

*RIYADH:  S.R. 45

*Other in Saudi Arabia: S.R. 60

*Rest of the world:  depends on weight

Please remember . . .

You will always get a message from the shipping company with a link to track

your order. The shipping company will reach you out for more details about your

Address and delivery of your package.

3 days to Return and Refund

Banoon offers the grandest selections and we understand that making a pick might sometimes be hard.

There will be times when you would want to return an item and in such a situation Banoon will happy to entertain your request. You can refund any item (except the ones purchased on sale) within 3 days from the date of arrival or offer store credit.

However, make sure that you return the products with the same care, we delivered it to you. They should be returned in the original condition without any damage or removal of the price tag. You should provide the proof of purchase for the product you wish to return. In case, these terms are not met as per our return/exchange policies, Banoon retains the right to reject the request. There is no return or exchange for items purchased on sale.

7 Days to Exchange

You can exchange an item purchased within 7 days of arrival. The rules remain the same, return the products with the utmost care we sent it to you with.  All items exchanged in their original condition with the price tag intact. You will have to provide a proof of purchase of each item you wish to return or exchange Banoon has complete authority to deny the request if the item does not meet our returns/exchange policy requirements.

How to Return?

You will find a form for returns with your order, in case you wish to return an item, you fill in the form and follow the steps on how to request a return/exchange . When we get your query, we will give you a code that you need to stick onto parcel for the shipping company to easily indicate the return address.

You can contact us by email at return@ba-noon.com for more help with your exchange/return or contact us through WhatsApp 00966555244586.

What happens next?

Banoon will send you an email, under 7 working days of the reception of your returned item. We will notify you to confirm that your charged credit has been refunded (or exchanged). We will also post the specifics of this on your account.  Depending on the processing time, your bank may take a few more days to complete the refund.

What is your return address?

7280 Fahd Almark Street, King Abdullah’s district, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 12423

Note: If you’re in Riyadh, we also accept any returns sent to our address.



Our Promise to your Privacy

At Banoon, the quality of our services is knitted in our ability to nurture trust with our dear clients.

Hence, we are committed to maintaining your privacy at all times with absolute consideration. Our efforts are duly dedicated to keeping all the data you provide as confidential and we ensure all measures of protection of privacy when using our sites and services. We urge you to read the privacy policy thoroughly as given on our site. By sharing information with us, you approve to be obliged by the terms and conditions given in our Privacy Policy.

Information Gathered by Banoon

Information is collected on the based on what you may choose to provide. The first set of information is personal, which you willingly adree to share and is collected on an individual basis while the second set of informationis gathered on the aggregated basis based on insights from the website usage as you and others browse our website.

Personally Identifiable Information

Remained ensured that no personal information about you is obtained automatically by Ba-noon.com. Information we gather comes from the membership registration, newsletter sign-up requests or promotional competitions that include your name, email address, geographic location, age and gender.

These details are used to tailor website experience for users and to contact them for any promotions they might wish to participate in.  We often use this information for specific business considerations, such as consolidation of data for building visitor profiles -as a whole- so that we can better identify our users and develop our services.

Please bear in mind that the Banoon website always welcomes visitors and it is not mandatory for you to become a member in order to access our website or see goods and offers, conduct searches, read reviews or take advantage of other functionality on the site. It is only when you need to purchase a product from us, you may need to provide personal identification and authorization to access payment options and process order.

The information will include details such as: Name, Mailing address, Email address, Credit card number, Home and business phone number, other personal information, Email Information, etc.

Information Sharing

To constantly maintain a seamless experience for our users, Ba-noon.com might take help from third party for the operations and functionality of the Web Site or these third parties might manage activities or provide services on our behalf. In such instances, we may share your information with these third parties for such restricted processes. However, all third-party vendors agree to protect the confidentiality of information provided.


We respect your faith in trusting us with your Personal Data and we are trying our best to bring commercially appropriate means of protecting it. Yet note, that no internet communication system or electronic storage process is 100% secure and effective, so we cannot guarantee its total protection. 

Children’s Privacy

Our Service area does not cater to anyone under the age of 15. We do not significantly gather personal recognizable information from children under 15. In a scenario, where we find out that a child under 15 has given us with personal information, we instantly delete this from our servers.

If you are a parent or guardian and are informed that your child has provided us with personal information, please reach us out that we can conduct the necessary steps.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be updated from time to time. Therefore we urge you to regularly check this page for any updates. Such updates take place instantly after they are posted on the website.


This site is protected by intellectual property laws including copyright and patents, which includes design and content. The sole ownership and operations are handled by Banoon Alkhair Trading Co.


The T&Cs and our Privacy Policy include the whole settlement between us and you regarding the purchase and delivery of the goods and/or the use of our Website.

Any other terms or conditions that you have suggested or conveyed in some manner will not become a part of our contract, whether agreed or not by our employee.

We may periodically update and modify these T&Cs. By the point, you choose to buy goods from us or otherwise access the Website you will be bound to the terms and conditions in place.